Bentz Accountability Team

Affectionately known as BAT (Bentz Accountability Team), this group focuses on District 2's Congressman, Cliff Bentz. It tracks his votes, his donors, his stands on the issues, his committee work, and his previous history as a state legislator. The group uses social media campaigns and events to publicize what it finds. The "BAT Brigade" includes more than 200 residents from throughout the district who send weekly postcards on a common topic to keep the pressure on.

Meet the CD2 Candidates

A COINversation with Yetter and Prine

In case you missed it, we recorded it! The BAT team and ORD2 hosted a COINversation with Democratic candidates Joe Yetter and Adam Prine on Wednesday April 20th. One of these candidates will advance to the General Election, so check them out.

We can do better than Bentz. Adam Prine Facebook

Tell the Truth, Cliff!

Rep Bentz has been making some pretty disappointing choices lately, so we've launched a Facebook page to call out these bad choices and hold him accountable. Consider his most recent displays of poor judgement....

  • Voting AGAINST making it easier for returning veterans to get access to the VA health care benefits they deserve, HR 4673, which passed with bipartisan support.

  • Voting AGAINST protecting victims of sexual harassment and assault, HR 4445, which passed with bipartisan support, including a majority of Republicans.

  • And asking Jim Jordan to endorse him for his campaign (EEEWWW!)

Please go to our page, Tell The Truth Cliff, and follow it, like, share, and comment on the posts to help it get more attention across the District.

BAT Postcard Brigade

If you live in District 2, please consider signing up for the BAT Postcard Brigade. Each week, you will send one postcard to Bentz about an issue chosen by the BAT team.

So far, over 200 people across the district have sent him cards regarding infrastructure, his vote on the Big Lie, holding town halls, his silence on climate change, and much more.

To sign up for the BAT Postcard Brigade and begin receiving the weekly emails, all you have to do is fill out this form. You will then get an email each Wednesday including the issue, background information, and what we want Bentz to do about it.

You can use your own postcard or ask if your local Indivisible group has cards to share. All it costs is a 40-cent stamp and five minutes of your time. Join us!

Questions? Do you have an idea for the BAT team? CONTACT US