This team spreads a wide net to recruit & support the best candidates for positions up and down the ballot. From School Board to Governor and everywhere in between. Support can include logo design, video production, messaging, consultations, amplification, and more.

This team provides other teams and COIN members with resources on inclusivity and anti-racism. Supports efforts to address race/equity issues and challenges faced by BIPOC and LGBTQ communities. And helps COIN member groups prioritize inclusivity and work to make groups inclusive.

This team is at capacity (with over 50 activists from around the state!) and therefore CLOSED. Some of the topic groups in the State Legislative Team, however, engage in activities that are outside the scope of the State Legislative Team. Contact us for more information.

This team will work on bridging the rural/urban and political divides. This team will be building on the work done by the Oregon Democracy Project and efforts to find ways to oppose Timber Unity in constructive ways. Working together we can change Oregon.

This team, led by Indivisible Oregon, has been researching federal issues and how they affect Oregon, and creating daily calls to action. This team will meet with our Senators and/or their staff on a regular basis to promote what policies and legislation we are advocating for and to support our Senators in their needs. They will also track the National calls to action; policy and sit on the NCN Policy Calls. The group members who best fit this group are extremely interested in policy and advocating at the federal level.

COIN Squads are a way to create community and accountability so that we can keep the pressure on our Members of Congress. Our MoCs pay attention to constituent calls. Our calls help them to gauge support for an issue. If our elected representatives agree with us, calls strengthen their resolve and give them data for convincing their colleagues. If they don’t agree with us, then calls help them to see how much trouble their position may cause them. Working together in teams, we can boost the number of callers, the number of calls, and ultimately our impact on Congress.

This group focuses on District 2's Congressman, Cliff Bentz. It will track his votes, his donors, his stands on the issues, his committee work, and his previous history as a state legislator. The group will use social media, campaigns and events to publicize what it finds. They will work with the Rural-Urban Divide and Recruiting Candidates teams to work toward electing a Democrat in District 2 in 2022.

This team would coordinate COIN messaging & SM amplification in collaboration with DemCastOR, individual Indivisible groups & other affiliated groups where appropriate. They would recommend which groups were white listed for automatic amplification of their posts to keep the COIN audience engaged & engender goodwill with other orgs around the state. Members of this team could provide additional support to Indivisible groups in growing their own SM accounts.