COIN Teams

COIN Teams all work on different projects to support the mission of COIN - to promote progressive action, hold our elected officials accountable, and protect democracy. You can find out more about each team by clicking on the images below.

B.A.T - the Bentz Accountability Team tracks and responds to all the poor choices the current ORD2 rep makes.

COIN Squads - Advocacy through calls, postcards, rallies and more! Work together with your group to track your actions.

Legislative Team - tracks and makes recommendations for endorsement on bills,

We Care - COIN groups support their local health care workers, teachers, and other front line workers during tough times.

Voter Outreach Team - Organizes canvasses, phone banks and other direct voter contact projects to help elect progressive candidates

Climate / Energy / Environment - The CEE Team works to support policies and programs at the state, federal and local levels that promote environmental sustainability.