Exclusive COINversations with Progressive Leaders


No COINversations scheduled until after the primary election. Do you have an idea for a future COINversation? Send an email to us at COINLeadership@gmail.com.


Friday April 27, 2022

COIN had the pleasure of hosting two progressive candidates for BOLI (Bureau of Labor and Industry) Commissioner - Casey Kulla and Christina Stephenson. If you missed the live program, check out this video, The BOLI Commissioner is a non-partisan position, so all voters will see all candidates on their ballots. The top two will advance to the General Election in November.

You can also find out more about these candidates on their websites:



Wednesday April 20, 2022

The Bentz Accountability Team (BAT) and ORD2 Indivisible hosted the two Democratic Candidates running for US Representative in District 2. Joe Yetter and Adam Prine answered our questions and talked with us about their vision for this rural district. The winner of the primary will take on Cliff Bentz in November. Check it out folks. We can do better than Bentz!

Video & Transcripts