Legislative Team

The COIN Legislative Team tracks legislation that is proposed during each session.
The team also tracks ballot initiatives and executive orders from the governor. The team may recommend that COIN support or oppose these bills, etc. The 2023 Oregon Legislative Session began January 17th and will end sometime in late June. Click the buttons below for more information about legislati
on supported or opposed by COIN.

To learn more about how the Oregon Legislature works, to contact your state senator or representative, for current news about the 2023 session, and information about all specific bills, visit the Oregon Legislative Information System (OLIS) at:

For a great tutorial on how to use the OLIS site, check out this video by Cheryl Conway: OLIS for Beginners.
For more useful information, see SOCAN's What's An OLIS? and also Testimony Tips.

Want to get more involved in this important work? Sign up for the COIN Legislative Team and join other volunteers in researching, tracking, and advocating for or against bills you're interested in.