Tell The Truth Lori


Both before and after she was elected to represent ORD5, Lori Chavez-DeRemer has tried to trick people into thinking that she is a “moderate, sensible” Republican. 

Don’t be fooled!

Instead, compare what she says (or fails to say) with what she does, what she supports, what she votes for.

Lori is endorsed by the NRA and National Right to Life.
She has just as extreme a rating on the Heritage Action scorecard as Speaker “MAGA Mike” Johnson, even more radical than Cliff Bentz! She has an F rating from Progressive Punch.
She is MAGA through and through!

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Click here for a list of Lori's Flip Flops - situations where she's changed her position to try to fool us into thinking she's not as MAGA as she really is. And check out this great article about Lori's flip flops in the Capital Chronicle.

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Lyin' Lori's Latest Lies
.... and the Truth. We can't let her hoodwink Oregonians. 

Lori is a committed veteran of the MAGA culture wars. We collected some of Lori’s worst culture wars votes here.

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Lori's vote for Speaker reveals she is #MAGANotModerate.

After weeks of Republican dysfunction, the House GOP unanimously elected Mike Johnson, a little-known back-bencher from Louisiana, to be Speaker.

Lori, who had ostentatiously withheld her vote from extremist firebrand Freedom Caucus candidate Jim Jordan, eagerly supported the effort to elect dark horse candidate Johnson, touting him as the “consensus candidate.” She said she is “hopeful that Speaker Johnson will work effectively with all sides of the Conference to advance commonsense, pragmatic legislation that is good for our state and our nation.” 

But as more information has emerged about Johnson’s disturbing background, his fringe beliefs, his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, and his extreme MAGA positions and votes, many have raised the alarm that such a man has been chosen to lead the House and be second in the order of succession to the President.

What does Lori’s vote to elect Johnson reveal about her?

Shortly after Johnson’s election, the MAGA GOP House passed H.R. 4394, an appropriations bill that severely cut funding for Biden’s signature climate initiatives. Johnson has also rejected bipartisan efforts to provided combined funding for the security needs of Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan, and the House passed a bill funding aid only to Israel, which would be offset by cuts to the budget of the IRS. Both of these bills are non-starters in the Senate. Lori voted for both bills

So much for consensus! So much for “commonsense, pragmatic legislation”! Lori’s vote for Johnson has removed all doubt (if there could be any) that she is not now nor has she ever been a “moderate” as she pretends to be!

Tell the truth, Lori! You are a MAGA extremist!








Mike Johnson is a “consensus candidate.”

"I’m hopeful that Speaker Johnson will work effectively with all sides of the Conference to advance commonsense, pragmatic legislation that is good for our state and our nation.”


Check out our recent Press Release:

Constituents Denounce Chavez-DeRemer’s Vote for
MAGA Speaker Mike Johnson,
Demand In-Person Town Hall Meeting 

Reproductive Health

Lori has tried to conceal her extreme MAGA position on abortion by saying that she will “always advocate for sensible and compassionate policies that protect the unborn” and promising “I will oppose extremist policies.” She now pretends to be for the right of each state to enact its own abortion laws and says she "strongly supports efforts to increase access and reduce costs for over-the-counter birth control for adult women" and that it "should not be a partisan issue.” She even claims to be against a national abortion ban that the Republican National Committee endorses. And she shocked her pro-forced-birth supporters by saying that she opposes a ban on taxpayer funding for abortion.
But she:  

All this flip-flopping is just an attempt to hide what Lori really believes. She has always wanted strict MAGA abortion laws, but she’s afraid of the consequences in pro-choice Oregon! She and MAGA GOP are the dog that caught the car!

Tell the truth, Lori! You are a MAGA extremist on Abortion! 


Lori praised the Dobbs decision that overturned a woman’s constitutional right to make her own health care decisions regarding her own body.

Oregon Congresswoman Lori Chavez-DeRemer’s site previously prominently declared she “won’t stand” for “abortion on demand” but those words have now vanished.


Classic Lori: Her press release on her vote on the Defense Bill doesn’t include ONE WORD about the provision taking away funding for travel to obtain an abortion, which greatly harms female military service members and families.

Lori is a coward who seeks to hide the MAGA values she holds.



In July 2023, Lori voted twice to prevent the Defense Department from providing America’s military service members and their families funding for travel to obtain an abortion.

She voted for the same provision in June 2024.

Lori is a MAGA extremist.

Lori is endorsed by National Right to Life. But she has tried to downplay her extreme MAGA position on abortion, saying, “I will always advocate for sensible and compassionate policies that protect the unborn…. I will oppose extremist policies.” 

Lori vehemently disagrees with Oregon laws that ensure that women can freely exercise their rights to health care, saying: “Oregon law allows abortion without restriction, but a vast majority of Americans support rational protections – and that certainly applies to infants who survive abortion attempts.”

The federal legislation she was talking about is H.R. 26, the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, a bill aimed at frightening healthcare providers and discouraging them from providing women needed reproductive care, even in those places, like Oregon that protect a woman’s right to bodily autonomy.  

Lori also said, “ matter where you stand on this issue, we should all be able to agree that politically-motivated violence is wrong. In the wake of the leaked Supreme Court opinion last year, we saw violence unfold too close to home as Oregon’s Right to Life offices were attacked.” 

This time Lori was talking about H.Con.Res.3, the bill that selectively focuses on the few attacks on pro-life facilities while ignoring attacks on women’s health care centers. 

Lori has earned a 100% rating from the National Right to Life by voting for two key anti-abortion bills:

The first bill is the completely unnecessary and extremely divisive “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” a bill intended to weaponize women’s health care and intimidate health care providers.

But Oregon does NOT have any laws that would permit infanticide. No state does. Lori is using a made-up issue that doesn’t even exist as an excuse to vote for federal legislation that would hinder states like Oregon from ensuring that abortions are legal and accessible.

Lori also voted for H.Con.Res.3, a bill that condemns attacks on pro-life facilities, groups, and churches, while overlooking the murderous assaults that have terrorized women’s health care facilities and providers for decades. 

Why do Lori and MAGA Republicans single out the pro-life facilities for protection while turning a blind eye on women’s health care centers where attacks have sky-rocketed from their already high levels?

Because she is a MAGA extremist.

During her campaign, Lori denounced Oregon’s exercise of its state’s rights when it passed state laws protecting a woman’s right to choose, saying: Oregon has passed extreme laws that allow abortion on demand and taxpayer funded abortions.”

She also said, “ It’s time to listen to 80% of Americans who want some level of restriction on abortions and pass legislation like the heartbeat bill,which would ban abortion at 6 weeks, before a woman even knew that she was pregnant! 

Given near-impossibility that pro-choice Oregon would enact a 6 week abortion ban, Lori would have to look to Congress to enact the extreme abortion restrictions she desires.

But in a colossal flip flop, Lori now says, “To be absolutely clear, I do not support a national abortion ban," even though it is supported by the Republican National Committee!

Lori doubles down, saying,The Supreme Court’s recent decision allows state legislatures to determine abortion laws, and that’s the way it should be. The decision took power away from unelected judges and put it in the hands of the people through their elected state legislators.” 

She goes even further in her cynical new “belief” in states rights by extending it to the abortion pill issue:  "I think that that decision [by the Texas federal judge banning the use of abortion pills nationwide] was not a good decision. And I'll tell you why. This is a state's rights issue." 

It is impossible to square Lori’s past statements calling for an abortion ban at 6 weeks and denouncing Oregon’s laws protecting women’s reproductive freedom with her new claim that she is for each state’s right to enact its own laws regarding reproductive freedom, even when they are what Lori deems “extreme.”

And in another flip-flop, Lori now (6/9/23) says she opposes a vote on H.R. 7, the long-awaited bill to ban taxpayer-funding of abortions.

Lori tried to pivot away from abortion to birth control, saying she "strongly supports efforts to increase access and reduce costs for over-the-counter birth control for adult women" and it "should not be a partisan issue.” 

But Lori has now endorsed Trump, who has announced that he supports a national abortion ban at 15 weeks, which would DESTROY THE LEGAL PROTECTIONS OREGONIANS NOW HAVE TO GET THE HEALTH CARE THEY NEED!!

What can we make of Lori’s record?

On the one hand:

On the other hand:

Or is this all just a flip-flopping ruse to confuse Oregonians about what she really believes?

How does Lori think she’ll get her “heartbeat bill” in states like Oregon unless she and her MAGA buddies pass a national abortion bill, like Trump promises to do if he's elected?

Do we really think that Lori would defy Trump, who seeks to impose a national ban on abortion?

Would Lori endorse Trump or vote for MAGA extreme anti-abortionist Mike Johnson if she were not committed to restricting women’s right to healthcare? 

NO – Lori has clearly told us who she is and what she believes. She is a MAGA extremist on reproductive rights. The rest is a lie. 

Climate and the Environment

Lori’s website lists the issues that are important to her, the usual MAGA GOP favorites – crime, inflation, the border. But she doesn’t even mention climate change, the existential issue that we have only a few years left to address! Like the rest of the MAGA GOP, she focuses on keeping our economy centered on fossil fuels and carbon. She thinks we have “the next couple 100 years”!!  We can’t afford to do this any more!

Not surprisingly, Lori has a failing 31% rating with the League of Conservation Voters.

And did you know? Despite Lori and the MAGA climate deniers' claims to the contrary, the U.S. is energy independent! 2022marked the highest level of US energy independence since before 1950.” We don't need more drilling. We need to continue our transition to renewable energy!

Lori has so many anti-environmental votes that we can’t possibly list them all. Many of them can be found in her votes for MAGA appropriations bills, like H.R. 4821, to fund the Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies, a bill that fortunately later died in the Senate. We’ll list some of them below.

Tell the truth, Lori! You are a MAGA extremist on Climate & the Environment! 


Lori is a climate denier! Lori doesn’t believe there’s a climate crisis and thinks we have hundreds of years to address it.

“We can't say that all Republicans are climate deniers, we recognize the climate is changing, but it's been changing for thousands of years. It's the trajectory that they want us to change.

And who's going to take the hit for that? And what's the cost of transitioning, you know, over the next couple 100 years, they want us to do it by what, 2035, then 2050? And who are they infringing upon? Americans, everyday hard working Americans and business owners. That's the problem.” [Facebook, Captive Audience, 7/25/22]

Oregon Live reported: “Chavez-DeRemer casts doubt on climate science and Democratic plans to decarbonize the U.S. economy. She calls for conservation of water and timber resources.

“The climate has been changing for thousands and thousands of years. We can’t predict when the climate’s going to change,” she told The Oregonian/OregonLive editorial board.”

If Lori doesn’t understand that Earth’s climate is changing right now, due to human intervention, when we are having the hottest summer in over 100,000 years, what will it take to convince her?!

We cannot afford to have a climate denier represent us!


In January 2023, when LCD joined the Conservative Climate Caucus (an oxymoron if there ever was one), she said: “There’s only one planet Earth, and it’s our responsibility to leave it better than we found it so our children and grandchildren can live happy, healthy lives, From mountains and valleys to forests and lakes, Oregon is home to a beautiful, scenic landscape that you can’t find anywhere else.

It’s our duty to protect it. Addressing climate change should not be a partisan issue. I’m excited to work with my colleagues on climate-friendly policies that protect our environment without overregulating or restricting energy production.”

Then, Lori said, “Oregon plays a leading role in producing clean energy, and I’m honored to be a part of the Conservative Climate Caucus' leadership team to bring Oregonian’s voices to the table.” WHAT NONSENSE!

It is clear from Lori's votes that she is far more concerned about loosening restrictions on fossil fuel energy production than she is about safeguarding our environment from the carbon emissions causing climate change!


Lori’s also lying when she says that America is not energy independent, like she did at her so-called “tele-townhall” on 3/12/2024. 

WRONG! Michael Cembalest, chair of J.P. Morgan’s market and investment strategy arm, declared that "the U.S. has achieved energy independence for the first time in 40 years while Europe and China compete for global energy resources."

Lori has now picked up her assault on our natural resources by opposing efforts to save salmon runs on the brink of extinction

Cliff Bentz claims: “The president’s job is not to make law, but to enforce them.…This blatant disregard for the will of the people is an affront to the Constitution.” Hello, Cliff? In creating national monuments, the president is acting with authority delegated by Congress under the Antiquities Act!

Recently, Lori has sounded the alarm about a “massive Oregon timberland purchase by individual with ties to the Chinese Communist Party.”

A local paper in Bend hit the nail on the head: “[O]ur representative in Congress, who just discovered a fun fact about one of the largest swaths of undeveloped private forest land in the U.S., [is] using it as a racist dog whistle to drum up support for a bill that aims to ban Russia and China from owning land in the U.S — a bill which is sure to go nowhere, and looks like the type of legislating that does nothing for the people in her district.”



On March 30, 2023, she voted for HR 1 which would expand mining and fossil fuel production while repealing important elements of the Biden administration’s long-awaited and desperately overdue climate legislation.

But wait, there’s more! She has voted for or sponsored a host of other bills that will increase the ravages of climate change, like:

Lori voted for HR. 7176, to roll back the government’s ability to regulate LNG exports.

Lori voted for S.J.Res 38, to override Biden’s veto of a bill to hinder efforts to expand the electric vehicle charging network, while hurting U.S. manufacturing workers and communities.

Lori signed on to support the DAMN Act, an effort to scuttle the long-negotiated effort to save the salmon runs on the Snake River.

Lori joined Rep.Bentz in a brief filed with the Supreme Court seeking to overturn the president’s authority under the Antiquities Act, passed over 100 years ago, to create national monuments on public land. The case (which was not taken up by the Supreme Court) would have undone the creation of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, first established in 2000 and expanded in 2017.

Lori also supports Bentz’s legislative efforts to prevent the creation of the Owyhee Canyonlands National Monument. She voted for  H.R. 4821, a MAGA appropriations bill that contained a provision that would have prohibited the use of any federal funds to create any national monuments in Malheur County under the Antiquities Act, as well as:

Amendment 583, which would have gutted spending for clean cars and other measures to mitigate climate change.

Amendment 573, which would have stopped the EPA from regulating particulates in the air.

Fortunately, although H.R. 4821 passed the House it died in the Senate.

Lori also voted for these anti-environmental bills that passed the House:

-H.R.764, Lauren Boebert’s bill, that arbitrarily removes Endangered Species Act protections for the gray wolf.

-H.R.6285, that overturns historic protections for the Arctic, opening up pristine Alaskan wilderness to oil and gas drilling 

-H.R.3397, that blocks historic protections for public lands that would conserve wildlife habitat, restore places impacted by wildfire and drought. 

H.R.3195 that forces lease sales to mining companies in Minnesota’s Superior National Forest near the Boundary Waters

H.R. 1121 - Protecting American Energy Production Act

H.R. 6009 - Restoring American Energy Dominance Act

H.Res 987 - Denouncing Biden's harmful energy policies.

H.Cong.Res. 86 - Declaring that carbon tax is detrimental to American families and businesses

Lori is a sponsor of H.R. 4772, the Stop CCP Land Act. She has also called on Treasury Secretary Yellen to investigate the purchase made nearly 10 years ago. However, Lori’s breathless concern is more indicative of her desire to demonize perceived outsiders. She refers to the purchaser as one of our “adversaries.” The purchase was made by a permanent US resident living in California who has a green card and who has also endowed the Institute for Neuroscience at Caltech to the tune of $115 million. 

Gun Safety

This is the crazy stuff that Lori said on her campaign website issues page:

“Our founding documents give us the right to keep and bear arms. The Second Amendment is our safeguard against tyranny in the United States. We have seen the left go after our right to protect ourselves time and time again. They politicize national tragedies to argue that law abiding citizens should have their guns confiscated. Law abiding gun owners have never been the problem. Violent crime is caused by criminals. The left doesn’t want to talk about cracking down on illegal drugs, gang violence, antifa, rioting, or looting. They want to ban you from protecting yourself and your family.” Lori Chavez-DeRemer Campaign Website, as of 3/22/2022. 


Tell the truth, Lori!
You are a MAGA extremist on Gun Safety! 


Lori says, “As a gun owner, concealed carry permit holder, and NRA member I am a champion of the second amendment. I vow to fight against gun control policies in Congress that will attack our freedoms.” Twitter, 12/8/2021

Also, “The Radical Left wants to take away our right to bear arms. We cannot let them redefine our Constitution. As a gun owner and longtime member of the NRA, I will always protect our 2nd amendment.” Twitter 10/23/2023 

And, “I’m a proud NRA member.” Twitter 3/20/2022 

Lori cravenly offers “thoughts and prayers” but no concrete answers after mass shootings in Las Vegas and Uvalde. Twitter 10/2/17, Twitter 5/24/22 



Lori says: “Law-abiding citizens should have their second amendment right protected, absolutely. But addressing gun control through that without addressing the mental health crisis…the criminal behavior that we’re seeing is just a bigger discussion. I think there’s more to address than outright gun control and not protecting our Second Amendment right.”

This is the typical Lori word salad, including mention of the MAGA GOP favorites – “mental health” and “criminal behavior.”



Lori refuses to support HR 625, the Keep Americans Safe Act (regulates large capacity magazines), HR 698, the Assault Weapons Ban, HR 660, Ethan’s Law (a safe storage bill), HR 1145, Safe Guns, Safe Kids Act (a safe storage bill).

She is endorsed by the National Rifle Association

Lori recently co-sponsored H.R. 2770, which provides a 10% tax credit for the purchase of a gun safe, which she is now citing to show she cares about gun safety. This is the kind of half-measure that Lori loves to support. There’s no requirement that gun owners have and use a gun safe, merely a give-away to her gun owner constituents. Meh.

Meanwhile, Lori has taken the NRA position in voting for H.J. Res. 44 to overturn the ATF rule requiring registration of “stabilizing braces,” which make firearms easier to fire with one hand.

Spending & MAGA Default Crisis

Like other MAGA Republicans, Lori is a staunch believer in “trickle-down” economics, the repeatedly disproved Reagan-era myth that enormous tax cuts for the wealthiest result in benefits that “trickle down” to the rest of us. But in fact, the tax cuts enacted under Reagan, George W., and especially, under Trump blew up the budget time after time, destroying the budget surpluses created under Clinton and causing financial catastrophes!

History has shown that the “revenue crisis” due to insufficient taxes on the wealthiest, not a “spending crisis,” has caused our expanding deficits. But even though the GOP, the party that claims to be fiscally conservative, is responsible for the bulk of these deficits because of its tax cuts, it has only shown concern over the national debt during Democratic administrations, never Republican ones. In fact, Dick Cheney famously said, “Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.”

The GOP has fulminated about deficits (while refusing to raise taxes) selectively – only during Democratic administrations. In 2023, the MAGA GOP irresponsibly weaponized the debt ceiling, an historical relic which was enacted in WWI to smooth the issuance of Liberty Bonds. MAGA threatened to cause the US to default on its already-accrued debt unless Biden agreed to extreme across-the-board 22% cuts to discretionary spending and to roll back key components of his already-enacted legislative agenda!

Lori voted for the MAGA Default bill, which would have slashed funding for veterans, students, SNAP, and prevented us from addressing the climate crisis, among many other things. The MAGA Default bill passed by ONE vote. If Lori had voted NO, the MAGA Default bill would have failed. She acknowledges that default would have resulted in financial disaster. Yet she supported it anyway!  And she always has! 

Here are the consequences for Oregon if this bill had passed! Oregon-1.pdf ( 

Tell the truth, Lori! You are a MAGA extremist on Spending and the MAGA Default!


On the Trump tax cut: Lori said, “It is going to be great for some of us.” 

Lori said she opposes “government funded healthcare” (such as Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare, and the VA system).

Back in 2021, Lori tweeted: “Disappointed to see the Democrat controlled House raise the debt ceiling tonight.” 


Justifying her vote for the MAGA Default bill, HR 2811, Lori said “...we cannot saddle our children with tomorrow’s bill for today’s out-of-control spending decisions...” 

But she doesn't mention the profligate and irresponsible Reagan/Bush/Bush/Trump tax cuts primarily benefiting the wealthiest, which increased the national debt by trillions of dollars. Or the unfunded G. W. Bush wars that also added trillions. 



Lori voted for HR 2811, which would have sent the US into default unless the MAGA Budget, with its proposed across-the-board 22% cuts to programs such as the VA, education, Medicaid, SNAP, plus the rescission of funding for renewable energy and the IRS, had it gone into effect. 

Lori knows what a disaster default would have been but she still voted for the MAGA Default bill. “We … cannot default on our debt, which would have a devastating impact on our economy and severely weaken our position on the world stage.”

She’s lying. Lori has always supported risking financial disaster through defaulting on our national debt and holding the country hostage to enact unpopular MAGA legislation.

Lori says: “The brinksmanship could've been avoided if the president came to the table when the House acted to lift the debt ceiling in April…”

That’s a lie! Biden released his budget proposal on March 9, his formal budget on March 28, and invited the GOP to provide theirs for negotiation that same day. On April 26, the MAGA House passed H.R. 2811, linking default to unspecified huge across-the- board cuts. Biden invited McCarthy to negotiate on May 1.  

Tell the Truth Lori!!

Fact-checking you is a full-time job! 

After voting to take her country to the brink of default, Lori voted for H.R. 3746, the Fiscal Responsibility Act, which passed the House. 

Budget, MAGA Dysfunction & Shutdown Crises

By all accounts, 2023, a year of MAGA Republican control in the House of Representatives has been the least effective in nearly a century, and very possibly the least effective ever. The DO-NOTHING MAGA HOUSE passed a total of only 34 bills in 2023, the least passed since the Great Depression. Instead of passing legislation that would benefit the nation, Republicans wasted an entire year on infighting, retaliation, and trying to salvage the candidacy of 34 times convicted, twice impeached, felony indicted, sexual assaulter and business fraudster, self-proclaimed dictator wannabe, Donald Trump.


What did Lori and her MAGA colleagues do in 2023? They spent their first four days taking 15 votes to elect their House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, only to oust him after 9 months. After deposing McCarthy, they fought for another three weeks over their next Speaker, only to settle on Mike Johnson who helped spearhead Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election. They fought amongst themselves and went right to the brink of defaulting on United States debt, which would have created financial chaos in the US and beyond.

They failed to reach any agreement on a budget, twice went right to the brink of a government shutdown before passing continuing resolutions and finally passed the appropriations bills, again on the eve of default, nearly 6 months late! They voted to censure several of their colleagues in political retaliation. They fought and threatened like schoolyard bullies. A majority of Republicans couldn’t even bring themselves to vote to expel George Santos from their ranks. 

And finally, in their final worthless act of the year before adjourning for a month, every single Republican voted to retaliate against Democrats for Trump’s well-deserved impeachments by launching a baseless impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. 

Any doubts that Chavez-DeRemer is MAGA, not moderate, were dispelled for good when she voted to install Mike Johnson, a “key architect of Republicans objections to certifying Mr. Biden’s victory on Jan. 6,” as Speaker. She touted him as a “consensus candidate” even though he vociferously opposes gay marriage, asserting that it would lead to people being able to marry their pets(!); believes in creationism; and opposes abortion under any circumstances

House MAGA GOP continued their dysfunction in 2024 by voting for more continuing resolutions before finally passing a bifurcated budget hours before the deadline for a government shutdown. 

And in a stunning reversal, House MAGA GOP followed the directions of Trump, their puppet-master, in rejecting a bipartisan Senate proposal to greatly enhance border security and provide desperately needed aid to Ukraine!

Tell the truth, Lori! You are a MAGA extremist on the Budget, MAGA Dysfunction & Government Shutdown!


In 2022, Lori said: “I am In favor off a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.” 

What a naive view! Nobel laureates in economics and other leading economists agree that a constitutional balanced budget amendment would cause economic catastrophe because it would hamstring efforts to cope with the effects of recessions, which are inevitable.


Lori says, “Government shutdowns threaten important services that my constituents rely on, and that’s why I’m doing everything I can to keep the government funded and open.”

Lori said, “... of course there were hiccups along the way with the speakership and some of those unfortunate hiccups for us as Republicans in the majority.”

Lori, the MAGA dysfunction that you participated in through your votes for the MAGA Default bill and the MAGA budget bills was way worse than “hiccups.” Shame on you for trivializing the harm you have caused!



Lori has consistently voted for MAGA budget and appropriations bills that contain culture war “poison pills” that will never pass the Senate.

She voted for H.R. 4365, which contained these poison pill amendments

No. 352 – overrule DoD abortion policy enabling service members to get leave and travel to get an abortion

No. 371 – reduce Sec’y Austin’s salary to $1

No. 374 – forbid housing immigrants on bases 

No. 375 – anti-DEI 

No. 376 – no transgender care

No. 378 – no funding for NewsGuard, a news rating/transparency site to deter misinformation

No. 379 – anti-vaccine

No. 381 – reduce salary of DEI administrator to $1

No. 384 – prohibit funds from being used for climate change measures

No. 387– anti-mask

Social Programs - Food Stamps, Social Security, Housing 

Lori’s shell game of hiding and obfuscating the truth is at its worst when it comes to social programs.

Tell the truth, Lori! You are a MAGA extremist on Social Programs!


She said, “I don’t know about the word compromise. You can’t compromise the Oregon 5th’s voice.” 


She says the House will “find a middle ground” and that she will not support “cuts to Social Security or Medicare.” LCD Town Hall 2/28/23



She refuses to sign a pledge not to cut Social Security or Medicare. 

She voted for the MAGA Default/Budget bill, which would have imposed a 22% across-the-board cut on all discretionary and non-defense spending, including the VA, housing, social services and more. 

She issued a joint statement with Rep. Salinas, her Democratic colleague who represents the neighboring ORD6 (and with whom she serves on the Agriculture Committee), and has promised to collaborate on the farm bill.

She says “The Farm Bill is one of my top priorities.” “SNAP is 80% of it.” LCD Town Hall 2/28/2023

She co-sponsored the “America Works Act,” a bill to increase the work requirements for SNAP (by far the largest program in the farm bill), which will effectively cut the spending for, and limit access to, SNAP benefits. This bill will have an even more negative effect on states such as Oregon, which operate under a work requirement waiver that this legislation seeks to eliminate. Her position is extreme even in her own caucus, as she is one of only three Republicans from 18 GOP-held swing districts to co-sponsor the bill. 

Lori blamed Oregon’s landmark land use planning laws for homelessness. “Oregon has a restrictive land use system that discourages the development of affordable housing. I’d be in favor of loosening our land use system and streamlining the building permit process. We also promote multiple housing options like middle housing.”

Lori said that more than 90% of homeless people are addicted to drugs or alcohol. [Facebook, Captive Audience 7/25/22 video]

Lori opposed rent controls as a tool to alleviate homelessness.

Lori claimed that the first step to ending homelessness was to secure the southern border. 

Addressing the homelessness crisis is one of my top priorities. I'm working on legislation that would help provide the unsheltered population with needed care so they can transition off the streets and into safe and stable housing.” 

She says, regarding houselessness, “We will deal with it in Oregon by working on border issues. Enough is enough. We have to stand up for our beautiful state.” LCD Town Hall 2/28/2023 

Seriously? Who would vote to cut Meals On Wheels?  Lori would! 

Did Lori persuade Clackamas Co. Commissioner Tootie Smith to reverse her vote to defeat the County’s “Project Turnkey,” to mitigate homelessness, which was opposed by local Republicans? Lori and Tootie had a phone call right before Tootie acted. 

Lori also voted for H.R. 3564 to rescind a Federal Housing Finance Agency rule making it more difficult to serve low- and moderate-income households and rural communities as well as federal agencies’ ability to promote affordable housing  and manufactured housing. 


Lori probably wishes she could take back some of the extreme things she’s said, like saying she was in favor of defunding the Department of Education. Plus, she's had incendiary things to say about the “threats” that she thinks critical race theory poses. She believes that “this theory is being used to indoctrinate students as young as elementary school in Oregon and around the country”!


Good thing we kept a record of what she said!

Tell the truth, Lori! You are a MAGA extremist on Education! 


When asked, do we need the federal Department of Education, she said: “We don't need to defund the police. But we can certainly start taking a hit at the federal education department, because it has proven to be defunct.” [Facebook, Captive Audience, 7/25/22] (VIDEO) 


So far she has remained mum on whether she supports H.R. 899, a bill to abolish the Department of Education.



She supports bills promoting “school choice” that undermine our public schools, like H.R.531, the Educational Choice for Children Act and H.Res.51, supporting the creation of "National School Choice Week." 

Lori said, “Our children are being taught to hate each other based on the color of their skin, under the guise of ‘equity.’ Critical Race Theory teaches victim mindset – that minority students are automatically disadvantaged and that white students are intrinsically racist. These aren’t ideas limited to debate in higher education lecture halls. This theory is being used to indoctrinate students as young as elementary school in Oregon and around the country.”

She says: “Oregon Children were stripped of their right to a quality education because of unconstitutional mandates and harmful school closures. Now, when Oregon kids are struggling to catch up, schools are forcing divisive and politically charged issues into the classroom. As a mom of twin girls, I firmly believe Oregon Parents deserve a say in what their children are taught, which is why I will support a Parental Bill of Rights that ensures transparency for school curriculums and protects the rights of parents.” 

She co-sponsored and voted for the innocuous-sounding, but insidious and divisive, “Parents Bill of Rights,” a bill that has been passed in various forms in GOP-controlled states like Florida and which has led to the censorship of our history and the banning of classic American literature from our schools. Books like Sonia Sotomayor by Kathleen Krull and Angela Dominguez and The Life of Rosa Parks by Kathleen Connors have been removed from school library shelves. 

She voted for the MAGA Defense bill that contained provisions authorizing book bans (Amendment No. 237 to H.R. 2670) and banning “critical race theory (Amendment No. 233 to H.R. 2670)

“...I think it's important to

denounce any sort of racism.

CRT doesn’t do that except further divide the children they are just, the developable souls of these young people,

and we’re imposing CRT to further divide them…” [KOIN 6, 6/5/22]

She supports the bipartisan Student Loan Disclosure Transparency Act.(Meh, big deal!)  

She signed an amicus brief opposing Biden's Executive Order to relieve a portion of the crushing burden of student debt. 

Lori followed that up with a vote for H.J. Res. 45, to overturn Biden’s Executive Order providing student debt relief. 

Diversity, LGBTQ2+, Civil Rights  

Lori unapologetically espouses dangerous, extremist, hateful language that she backs up by supporting dangerous, extremist, hateful legislation.

This shocking language is completely unacceptable!

Tell the truth, Lori!
You are a MAGA extremist on Diversity, LGBTQ2+, and Civil Rights!


As mayor, Lori opposed naming the new high school in Happy Valley after Adrienne Nelson, a Happy Valley resident and the first Black woman to serve on the Oregon Supreme Court or on Oregon’s federal bench. Lori claimed that naming the school Happy Valley High School would be  "inclusive of all," whereas the Nelson name "divides our community."


Lori said, “Our children are being taught to hate each other based on the color of their skin, under the guise of ‘equity.’ Critical Race Theory teaches victim mindset – that minority students are automatically disadvantaged and that white students are intrinsically racist.” [KOIN 6, 6/5/22]

On May 5, 2022, Lori said,
"The Radical Left has been forcing its woke agenda into our children’s education for too long. It's time to get politics OUT of the classroom. In Congress, I will fight for a Parental Bill of Rights and stand up for our children.” 



She co-sponsored and voted for the innocuous-sounding, but insidious and divisive, “Parents Bill of Rights,” a bill that has been passed in various forms in GOP-controlled states like Florida. A similar bill in Florida caused a textbook publisher to rewrite the history of Rosa Parks’ involvement in the Montgomery bus boycott to comply with Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Stop W.O.K.E. law, which prohibits instruction that could make students feel responsibility, guilt or anguish for what other members of their race did in the past.

Compare this to what Lori has said about why she supports the so-called “Parents Bill of Rights.” This is exactly what Lori and MAGA GOP are trying to do – to lie about our history!

Lori voted to postpone the creation of an equity committee in Happy Valley until after she left the mayor’s office in January 2019. 

Classic Lori: Her press release on her vote on the Defense Bill doesn’t include ONE WORD about the provision preventing  the military’s health care system from providing gender reassignment/hormone treatment to transgender service members OR the provision defunding diversity, equity, & inclusion services/programs.

Lori is a coward who seeks to hide the MAGA values she holds. 

Lori says, “Advancing commonsense legislation to support Oregon veterans will continue to be a top priority.”

Lori thinks it is “commonsense” to deny transgender veterans the care they need and deserve.

Lori clearly could have benefited from the work of an equity committee.

First, she co-sponsored and voted for the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act, an anti-transgender bill that would require that “sex … be recognized based solely on a person’s reproductive biology and genetics at birth” for the purposes of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act. It passed the House on a strict party line vote.

Second, the so-called “Parents Bill of Rights” she co-sponsored and voted for would “require schools to consult parents before a student is allowed to change their name or gender marker, taking away transgender students’ autonomy over their identity and potentially outing them to an unaccepting family.” 

Third, Lori voted multiple times to prevent the military’s health care system from providing gender reassignment/hormone treatment to transgender service members.

These de-humanizing and hateful bills target and endanger the powerless, tiny transgender community.

Fourth, Lori voted for two MAGA Defense bills, which contained provisions 1) to defund diversity, equity, & inclusion services/programs; 2) to reduce the salary of the DEI administrator to $1; 3) to ban Pride flags; and 4) to oppose affirmative action programs.

Finally, when Lori’s invitation to speak at the Central Oregon Community College commencement generated deep opposition in the LGBTQ2+ community, she did not back down. In fact, she said, “I’m looking forward to meeting all the students that are there, shake their hands, let them get to know me. 

But despite her promises, Lori departed immediately after she spoke, before the ceremony was over, leaving behind an empty chair, unwilling to listen to the impassioned speeches of the activists or to engage with them directly.

On June 5, 2024, during Pride Month, Lori voted for HR 8580, the MAGA VA appropriations bill which prohibits the VA from providing gender affirming care to transgender veterans. The bill also bars all federal sites from flying anything other than official flags, which would prevent the Pride flag from being flown!


Just days before she voted for the MAGA Default bill, which would have cut the VA budget by 22%, she gushed over her meeting with some veterans: “I had the awesome opportunity to greet veterans … from both the Cold War and Vietnam War. It was an honor to thank them for their service to our country…. May God bless our veterans!”

This is classic Lori! She pays lip service to our veterans and votes for uncontroversial, minor bills. But when it came to taking a stand against the MAGA Default bill, she immediately fell in line behind MAGA Speaker McCarthy, voting to slash the VA budget! 

Tell the truth, Lori! You are a MAGA extremist on Veterans!


Lori said she “won’t stand for” “government-funded healthcare,” like the VA, Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act. Chavez-DeRemer Campaign Website, as of 3/22/2022. NOW DELETED!


“More must be done to honor the sacrifices of the men and women in uniform and ensure they are given the resources they need after serving our country. The attacks by the Radical Left on our armed forces is counter to the very fiber of what makes us American.” From Chavez-DeRemer website, as of 4/17/2022 



Lori has photo ops with veterans and veterans groups. 

She took credit for the passage of 3 veterans bills that were passed with no opposition (H.R. 1226, H.R, 815, and H.R. 502) and finally got around to co-sponsoring one bill, H.R. 1282, the Major Richard Star Act, along with 275 other House members.


Neither Does Lori

Lori says, “…despite false accusations, my colleagues and I will make sure our veterans and service members are taken care of in the upcoming appropriations process. Any claims to the contrary are disingenuous political attacks.” 

On June 5, 2024, Lori bragged, “Today, I voted for appropriations legislation [HR 8580] that boosts funding for the VA and fully funds veterans' health care and benefits.” 

But the bill prohibits the VA from providing gender-affirming care. How can she say it “fully funds veterans’ health care and benefits”?

But, Lori voted with the MAGA House majority to pass the MAGA Default Bill, HR 2811, which would have cut the funding to the VA by 22%, slashing veterans’ access to health care, housing programs, food security, and training programs, among many others. 

Lori shows how far her worthless words are from what she actually does. 

Saying it was “commonsense legislation to support Oregon veterans,” Lori voted for HR 8580, the MAGA VA appropriations bill. But the bill breaches the 2023 budget deal reached by McCarthy and Biden to avert default and is larded with poison pills, such as prohibiting VA from providing gender affirming care to transgender veterans. And she voted for this during Pride Month!

Economy and Bidenomics

Lori reliably parrots the MAGA GOP party line about the economy, taxes and inflation. She blames Biden and the Democrats for economic challenges and supply chain issues caused primarily by Trump’s reckless tax cuts for the wealthiest, mishandling of the pandemic response, and refusal to accept responsibility for any of the myriad mistakes he made. She claims “our labor force participation rate is at its lowest point in decades and real wages haven’t kept up with inflation,” which is a flat-out lie!

And she refuses to give Biden any credit for his many successes and for exceeding all expectations by:

But Lori is always happy to take credit for funding provided by the Biden Administration through the advocacy of our hard-working Democratic Members of Congress.

Tell the truth, Lori!   
You are a MAGA extremist on the Economy! 

Lori said, “The Radical Left wants you to believe that Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan has done positive things for our country. The reality is, all it’s done is hurt the American people and lead our economy to spiral out of control.”

But, as of June 2021, Oregon had received $531 MM in restaurant revitalization funding under the American Rescue Plan to help restaurants keep their doors open. 

Lori does not begrudge herself the $1.3 MM in American Rescue Plan loans she received and that were forgiven supposedly to keep her business afloat, while she and her husband took home income in excess of $1MM and while she opposed student loan forgiveness! 

Lori says, “The Radical Left’s policies have turned our economy into shambles and pushed inflation to record breaking numbers.”

Lori says, “Our American workers, farmers, and manufacturers should be our first consideration with any legislative agenda.” 

Lori touts her union roots (her father was a teamster.)

But, Lori says not a word about the passage of Biden’s CHIPS Act, designed to do exactly that. It passed the House with 214 Democratic votes and only 1 Republican vote, the year before she was elected. It is rebuilding American supply chains, manufacturing, and infrastructure, while lowering the costs of goods, creating high paying manufacturing jobs around the country, and ensuring the US can make more critical technologies at home. 

But Lori betrays her union roots. She refuses to support the PRO ACT HR 20 Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2023, a key Labor priority.

On the Trump tax cut, Lori said, “It is going to be great for some of us.” 

“As your Congresswoman, I will always support lower taxes and reigning [sic] in spending that mortgages the next generation of Americans.”

Lori does not mention that the MAGA tax cuts benefit millionaires like her, while causing deficits that she uses as an excuse to cut spending for social programs.

Lori voted for the disastrous MAGA “Sophie’s Choice” Default/Budget bill, and she doesn’t say a peep about the disastrous and feckless actions of “The King of Debt,” as Trump calls himself, that caused enormous deficits and an economic meltdown. Trump came into office with a healthy economy, declining interest rates, and relative peace after 15 years of global military conflict. In just four years, Trump’s irresponsible tax cuts, passed in the dead of night with only GOP votes, and the sudden economic downturn in 2020, exacerbated by his mishandling of the pandemic response, resulted in an unprecedented increase in the national debt and an unemployment rate of 14.8%! In fact, nearly 25% of the national debt was incurred under Trump!

Just as Obama had to clean up the enormous economic mess created by George W. Bush, Biden has had to clean up after Trump!

Enough of this nonsense about "economic mismanagement" by the so-called “Radical Left”! Lori and the MAGA GOP should look in the mirror!

Lori said, “Spending has been out of control with the national debt surpassing $30 trillion in February [of 2022]

Lori says, “I will rein in out-of-control spending, which has been a driving factor of inflation.” 

Lori is happy to take credit for millions of federal dollars for Oregon’s seafood industry, money provided by the Biden Administration through the advocacy of Senator Merkley and our hard-working Democratic Members of Congress.

And Lori is a co-sponsor of H.R. 2851, a bill to expand the National Apprenticeship Act, which was first passed as part of FDR’s New Deal programs. If enacted, it will significantly expand federally-funded apprenticeship programs, appropriating in excess of $500 million in funding over 5 years. 

Where would those funds come from, if Lori and the MAGA GOP had succeeded in slashing non-defense discretionary spending by 22%? Would at least some of it come from the Inflation Reduction Act, which she abhors but whose funding she delights in spending?

Lori opposes raising the federal minimum wage. Really? She and her husband are millionaires. 

Lori says, “It shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody how I’m voting.” 

Lori’s votes show she’s MAGA, not a moderate. 

Health Care - Medicare, Medicaid, ACA

On her website, Lori mentions a weird grab bag of topics that she considers “health care.” She identifies the following bills she’s voted for or supports as well as actions that she has taken:

This all makes sense when you consider that the MAGA GOP has opposed expanding access to health care or making it more affordable. The MAGA GOP famously tried for years to repeal the Affordable Care Act and to roll back coverage under Medicare and Medicaid.

Lori opposes “government funded healthcare” and was endorsed by the Tea Party, which calls for Obamacare to be repealed. To mask her true beliefs, she touts her support for bills that are popular in Oregon (like the cannabis legislation, even though it doesn’t seem to have a lot to do with health care) or that no one could oppose – such as expanded Medicare eligibility for first responders or step therapy reform. Lori sees an added benefit to the fentanyl legislation because she blames the fentanyl crisis on Biden’s border policy.

Lori has tried to beef up her health care legislative offerings, touting her support for:

But we’ve seen this flip flopping before.

Tell the truth, Lori! You are a MAGA extremist on Health Care!


Lori opposes “government funded healthcare” (such as Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare, and the VA system) 


In 2022, Lori was endorsed by the Tea Party Express, which calls for Obamacare to be repealed. 

Presumptive GOP nominee Trump has again threatened to repeal the ACA if he is elected in 2024.  What does #MAGALori say? Crickets!



Lori has co-sponsored or voted for the following bills, all of which she deems “health care” bills: 

Lori also urged the EPA to roll back regulations regarding rat-killer poisons. She’s more concerned with making it easier to use rodenticides than she is about making sure that these deadly poisons are used safely. 

Lori has also backed:


Since joining the House, Lori has:

Given Lori’s multi-millionaire status and extensive stockholdings in publicly-traded companies (including pharmaceuticals, oil and gas) that are overseen and regulated by Congress, we aren’t surprised that she’s failed to support any of the bipartisan bills that would bar lawmakers from trading/holding individual stocks.

And can we even be sure that she lives in Oregon?

Tell the truth, Lori! You are a MAGA extremist on Ethics!


As far back as 2016, Lori (then known as “DeRemer,” not “Chavez-DeRemer”) testified against H.B. 4130, a bill that would have strengthened Oregon’s public records laws. 




Lori voted in favor of rule changes, adopted on a strictly party-line basis, governing the independent Office of Congressional Ethics, among other things. These rule changes were widely believed to be an attempt by MAGA GOP members to kneecap the OCE. Although the worst effects were avoided due to quick action by Hakeem Jeffries to appoint new members to keep the OCE functional, MAGA House members have renewed their attacks on the OCE in a hearing held in June 2023, impugning the OCE and questioning its utility. 

When Lori opened her new field office, paid for with taxpayer money, she said this:

“... I wanted to recognize Redmond as a real force in my campaign...” 

Lori grossly violated the bright line between her campaign activities and her official activities as our so-called “representative” in the House when she used taxpayer money to fund her official field office in Redmond while proudly asserting that she chose Redmond to “recognize [it] as a real force in my campaign.” 

This violates Congressional Ethics rules such as “the basic principle that government funds should not be spent to help incumbents gain reelection.”

After MAGA fraudster George Santos was indicted on 13 federal felony counts, in May 2023 Lori joined every other Republican House member present to defeat a motion to expel him from Congress.

In October Santos was charged with 10 more felonies. In November, two of his co-conspirators pleaded guilty. Finally, in December  she changed her mind and voted to expel him.

Lori voted to table the motion to censure Adam Schiff on June 14. 

Immediately afterwards, she was slammed by Trump and others on social media.

Trump said in a Truth Social post on June 16, 2023 that any Republican who opposed the censure resolution should face a primary challenge for the GOP nomination in their next election.

What did Lori do? She flip flopped!

On June 21, Lori flip flopped and voted to censure Schiff. This vote came just over a month after she voted against a motion to expel MAGA fraudster George Santos.

Lori’s opponent in the 2022 race, Jamie McLeod-Skinner, strongly supported a ban on lawmakers trading individual stocks.

Lori’s stance? Crickets. It’s not surprising since she’s a multi-millionaire, according to her financial disclosures. She owns a wide variety of stock in industries (like pharmaceuticals, oil and gas) that frequently attract Congressional attention. 

Lori is not on record as supporting the Bi-partisan Ban on Congressional Stock Ownership Act.

Likewise, Lori has shown zero interest in supporting H.R. 2673, the ETHICS Act, sponsored by Sen. Jeff Merkley, which would bar members of Congress, their spouses, and dependent children from owning or trading individual stocks, securities, commodities, or futures. 

Where does Lori live? She says she lives in Happy Valley, OR, but does she live in AZ? 

To the left is what Lori calls her “Home sweet AZ home!” Plus below is a picture of Lori with the person she calls “my State Representative, Michelle Udall” with whom she “discussed at length on the need to fund public education.” In Arizona, we presume! 

Immigration and the Border

Lori is an enthusiastic proponent of the lies that the MAGA GOP tell about immigration and the border. She tells these lies and participates in publicity stunts to stir up fear and apprehension among her constituents about migrants supposedly surging over the borders. She has even asserted that “communities across the U.S. are flooded with … suspected terrorists.” Her status as the Latina granddaughter of Mexican immigrants makes her lies even more pernicious.

More recently, MAGA Members of Congress refused to pass the bipartisan negotiated border security bill because Trump told them to renege on the deal so that he could continue to use the border as a campaign issue. President Biden has issued an executive order enabling the border to be closed

Nonetheless, Lori has continued to misrepresent the facts, trying to score political points while refusing to take responsibility for MAGA failures to act.

Tell the truth, Lori! You are a MAGA extremist on Immigration and the Border!


Lori said, “With an extreme number of illegal crossings at our southern border, it’s inevitable that non-border states feel the effect of open border policies. Communities across the U.S. are flooded with illegal substances and suspected terrorists. Now every state feels like a border state. 


Lori says, “... Oregon leads the nation in drug problems, and it stems from illegal substances being smuggled across the southern border.” 

Does she have any source to back up those claims? We couldn’t find any, but found this instead.-- the winner is… West Virginia!



She co-sponsored a number of bills (H.R. 1401, H.R. 795, H.R. 916) regarding the trafficking of fentanyl, an illegal drug that has attracted a great deal of new attention from the MAGA GOP once Biden became president

But, Lori voted for the MAGA Default/Budget bill, which would have imposed a 22% across-the-board cut on all discretionary and non-defense spending, including programs for homeland security.This would have resulted in significant reductions in border security and the nation’s ability to counter the fentanyl crisis

Lori said, “As the granddaughter of a woman whose family legally immigrated to the United States from Mexico, I will always stand for legal and safe immigration. It’s time to end the Biden border crisis. In office, I will fight to secure our borders and protect our nation.” 

Astonishingly, Lori describes her vote for the atrocious “border security” bill, H.R. 2, as a humanitarian effort to protect immigrants! “[T]he crisis at our southern border is a humanitarian issue that has put the lives of migrants at risk. Too many Latina women and children are facing abuse during their attempts to enter the U.S. As a mother, as a Christian, and as a human being, this is tragic and inexcusable. We must put a stop to the atrocities taking place at the hands of smugglers and cartels, and that starts by putting clear and concise border security and immigration measures into practice to restore order.” 

This is pure MAGA propaganda!

MAGA House Republicans passed H.R. 2, a horrific new “border security” bill that includes many Trump-era provisions resuming construction of the useless and ridiculous border wall and stripping unaccompanied children of their rights. Two Republicans defected and no Democrats voted for this awful bill.

Lori voted for it.

H.R. 2 was later included in the MAGA budget bills Lori supported and paired with aid to Ukraine and for the defense of Taiwan and Israel in a MAGA effort to jam through this extreme MAGA border bill. 

Fortunately, it didn't work.

Lori praised H.R. 3599, the Dignity Act, as "a comprehensive solution that would bolster border security while taking a compassionate approach to immigration reform..." 

Shortly after supporting the cruel, Trumpy H.R. 2, Lori announced that she was co-sponsoring the Dignity Act, H.R. 3599. Of course she did. But the bill, which was introduced in May 2023, hasn’t moved out of committee yet. Another of Lori’s empty gestures.

Does she think that supporting this doomed bill cancels out the harm she did in voting for H.R. 2? 

Lori blamed migrants for the spread of Covid in 2021, saying: “ can imagine COVID’s rampant because of the southern border, right that’s not helping our COVID numbers.” [All Ears Podcast, 37:17] 

She blames migrants for homelessness, “We will deal with it [homelessness] in Oregon by working on border issues. Enough is enough. We have to stand up for our beautiful state.” LCD Town Hall 2/28/2023 

She participated in the MAGA House members publicity stunt visit to the southern border arranged by McCarthy. McCarthy only invited House GOP members who had flipped a formerly Democratically-held seat. 

Lori also voted for:

- H.R. 3941, which prohibited the use of elementary and secondary school facilities to provide shelter for migrants;

- H. Res. 891, which prohibits the use of Federal funds to provide housing to “specified aliens” on Federal land; and

- H.R. 4365, the MAGA Defense bill that would forbid housing immigrants on military bases.

In 2022, Lori said, ““we

must secure our southern border to stop the influx of crime and drugs”

Lori co-signed a stern letter to Secretary of Labor nominee Julie Su about reports of unaccompanied migrant children being employed illegally at factories and construction sites. 

But, that effort is hypocritical when considered in the context of GOP efforts to roll back child labor laws and their refusal to fund the very agencies that are supposed to protect child migrants. 

Republican Arkansas Rep. Rebecca Burkes, who sponsored the bill to eliminate child work permits, said: “There’s no reason why anyone should have to get the government’s permission to get a job.” 

When the MAGA House passed H.R. 2 (Secure the Border Act of 2023, which Lori voted for) without a single Democratic vote in 2023 , Lori said, “Right now, it is a sad fact that cartels are running the show along our southern border, which poses a grave threat to our national security. 

This was the justification Lori gave for voting for the horrendous, Trumpy H.R. 2, that has been used as a MAGA bargaining chip for everything from a budget deal to Ukraine aid.

Lori says the standard to impeach Mayorkas: “Is he following the law that is in place, and we don't believe so. And also, has he breached the public trust?" 

Fun Fact: That’s not the standard. Impeachment of cabinet officers is reserved for the commission of “high crimes and misdemeanors.

Lori ignores more immediate causes of child labor. She might more productively direct her attention at laws now being passed in GOP-controlled states, loosening protective child labor laws. Measures to relax child labor laws have been passed in GOP states – Iowa, New Hampshire, Arkansas – and are being brought forward by GOP legislators in Wisconsin, Missouri, and Ohio. 

And what about the corporations that are illegally hiring these children to do dangerous and exhausting jobs? The Biden Administration has set up an inter-agency task force to address child labor abuses and has asked Congress for additional funding.

Like other MAGA Republicans, Lori is happy to criticize the Biden Administration while refusing to provide the funds needed to address the problems she complains about. Biden’s budget would add desperately needed funds immigration/border services. Meanwhile, Lori voted for the MAGA Default/Budget bill that would have made deep cuts to this funding. 

In January 2024, Biden  said he would sign a bi-partisan border security bill proposed by Senators Lankford and Schumer. But Trump ordered MAGA GOP not to pass it because it would take away a GOP talking point.

President Biden has since issued an executive order enabling the border to be closed. MAGA refuses to furnish funding to address the border needs.

On May 9, 2024, Lori voted on a strict MAGA party line basis to unconstitutionally exclude non-citizens from the census count and add a citizenship question to the census. This MAGA bill, which passed the House, seeks to unconstitutionally limit and distort the census for partisan gain.

Lori endorsed Trump on March 6, 2024, after he:

- said that immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country,” echoing “Mein Kampf.”

- caused the failure of the Senate bipartisan bill for border security and foreign aid for Ukraine 

- promised to deport millions by carrying out the largest deportation operation in US history

After the MAGA GOP House, ordered by Trump, blocked the bipartisan border bill so MAGA could campaign on the issue of “disarray at the border,” Lori and MAGA voted for the purely political impeachment of DHS Secretary Mayorkas, which passed by one vote – Lori’s vote. 

Trump, Indictments, Convictions, MAGA, & the Big Lie

Now that Trump has been convicted of 34 felony counts, indicted in other federal courts and in state court, and has been found liable in several state and federal civil court cases for hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for fraud, defamation and sexual assault, does Lori still stand with Trump? YES SHE DOES!

Tell the truth, Lori! You are a MAGA extremist who endorses Trump and refuses to repudiate The Big Lie! 


But Lori has more to say.

In response to a question about the Big Lie, she said: “In terms of the 2020 election, Joe Biden is the president. How do we know he is the president? He is responsible for record-high inflation, skyrocketing crime rates, and a humanitarian crisis at our southern border since he was sworn into office.” Lori refuses to acknowledge that Biden won the election freely and fairly.

Lori has also spread misinformation and lies about the January 6 criminals. She implies that they were “peaceful protesters” who were incorrectly portrayed as rioters by the media. She outrageously claims, “[W]e got to read between the lines and we have to know what really happened. People who are held without due process, and still are being held today, I think is completely unconstitutional, it shouldn’t be allowed, and we should be fighting against anything like that.” 


During the 2016 presidential primary, Lori decided she “could get behind” what Trump was “fighting for” when he “started to be a man of substance”

She was a proud Trump delegate in 2020. “I am deeply honored to be chosen as a delegate for President Donald Trump to the Republican National Convention.”

When asked in April 2022 whether Biden won the 2020 election, Chavez-DeRemer skirted the question, saying it should be a concern that “there are millions of Americans that doubt the integrity of the 2020 election.

She refused to say whether Biden won the race fairly, conceding only that “Biden is the president of the United States. 


Lori did not comment on Trump’s federal indictment on felony espionage and other charges.

And she has nothing to say about his 34 felony convictions either. But it didn’t change her endorsement.




- said that immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country,” echoing “Mein Kampf.”

- said he would abolish the Affordable Care Act

- pledged to be a dictator on day one, if elected

- caused the failure of the Senate bipartisan bill for border security/foreign aid for Ukraine 

- promised to deport millions by carrying out the largest deportation operation in US history

- said he would encourage Russia to “do whatever the hell they want” to NATO allies who didn’t pay more for their defense  

- claimed he has “complete and total immunity” for acts, including crimes, committed as president

Since Lori endorsed Trump, he has:


- announced that he supports a national abortion ban at 15 weeks, which would DESTROY THE LEGAL PROTECTIONS OREGONIANS NOW HAVE TO GET THE HEALTH CARE THEY NEED!!

- said there would be a “bloodbath” if he loses the election

Lori refuses to denounce:

-Trump for his 34 felony convictions,

-Trump’s calls to violence

- his continuing lies about winning the 2020 election,

- his atrocious behavior that led to his being held liable for sexual assault,

- or the conduct that led to his being charged with and convicted of dozens of state and federal felonies.



During the 2016 presidential primary, Lori decided she “could get behind” what Trump was “fighting for” when he “started to be a man of substance”

She was a proud Trump delegate in 2020. “I am deeply honored to be chosen as a delegate for President Donald Trump to the Republican National Convention.” 

She said, “You can count on Lori to ALWAYS defend the America First platform in office.”

Regarding the January 6 insurrection, Lori said,

“... we have a protected right for people to peaceful protesting, we should have been allowed to do so.

So I think the media had something to do with all of that when what we saw from all the way here in Oregon it can

be scary at first and think what is happening and we’re shocked by it all but we got to read between the lines and

we have to know what really happened. People who are held without due process, and still are being held today, I

think is completely unconstitutional, it shouldn’t be allowed, and we should be fighting against anything like that.”

Who in Oregon has not heard of Lars Larson, the uber right-wing local talk radio celebrity? It should be no surprise that Lars endorsed Lori in 2022. Lars said: “I endorsed Donald Trump, I voted for Donald Trump, I believe Donald Trump is making a difference in America,” 

Lori joins Trump in echoing the fascistic call to “put America first.” 

Lori received campaign money from the America’s First PAC and from Marjorie Taylor Greene in 2022. 


Remember when The Former Guy kept promising to pass an infrastructure bill? Time after time he proclaimed an “Infrastructure Week,” but not a thing ever got done even though he had a MAGA majority in the House and Senate for two years.

Once Trump bungled the response to the pandemic and crashed the economy, it was up to President Biden to clean up yet another GOP mess. And he did so by passing the American Rescue Plan, the Bipartisan Infrastructure law, the CHIPS & Science Act, the Inflation Reduction Act, and many other long-delayed investments in our economy and infrastructure.

Did MAGA Lori support all of these measures, even the ones that were bipartisan? Of course not! Instead, she erroneously blames Democrats for the worldwide inflation caused by the pandemic, disruptions to international supply chains, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and corporate profiteering. She doesn't mention the fact that the inflation rate in the US is lower than that in many other developed countries and that it has subsided from its height of 9.1% in June 2022 to 3.3% for the twelve months ending in May 2024 while the US job market has remained robust and resilient.

To date, $2.6 billion in funding for roads, bridges, and other infrastructure has been earmarked for Oregon, with much more yet to come. Of course, Lori is happy to take credit now for the infrastructure investments she opposed. What a hypocrite!

Tell the truth, Lori! You are a MAGA extremist on Infrastructure! 


She said, “Passing that infrastructure plan this last cycle was not a benefit. Why? We had just come out of two years of COVID mandates, supply chains were broken, they infused trillions of dollars into the economy, and now the inflation’s gone up. What’s going to happen to those dollars? We’re going to see pennies on the dollar come back to these communities. We’ll not see the roads and bridges be built because we’re not going to be able to afford them when we finally get them on the ground.” Interview in Bend Bulle