Deadline For Democracy

A number of GOP dominated state governments have passed laws that restrict & interfere with the right to vote.

These barriers to voting put our democracy at grave risk. SB 1 #ForThePeopleAct and HR 4 #VotingRightsAct will protect our constitutional right to vote from these voting restrictions.

Help save democracy.

Join us in bringing the #VotingRights & #ForThePeople Acts more attention by sharing photos of your pup with one of the hashtags below & sharing it online. (Or choose from the graphics provided below!)

You can tag us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter using @Pups4ThePeople

and @SaveTheVote4Me on Twitter









Click HERE for the Consolidated Oregon Indivisible Network Social Media Campaign

Deadline for Democracy Video Plan

The overall theme is #ForThePeople. We have two sub-themes of saving voting rights for the children, #SaveTheVoteForMe and tapping into everyone loves pet pics on the internet, #Pups4ThePeople.

See the Indivisible Clackamas video, below on the right, for inspiration.

The consolidated Oregon video will look differently.

If needed, order a stuffed bald eagle plushie from Amazon using the button below

Aurora World Inc. Mini Flopsie - 8"" Liberty, Multi, Small (6-14 in)

This is quick and easy - In 5 minutes you can take 5 pictures of each person in your group (alternatively you can have people do this during a Zoom call or separately:

Holding an eagleDressed as lady liberty * Holding a flag and a heart * Holding an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper * Holding a poster board

Get cutesy, have fun, wear a funny hat or glasses, include pictures of pets and children with a piece of paper in front of them. Ariel can write on the paper afterwards. Short clips in the 5 to 6 second range are always fun to include.

Upload to your pics/videos to SmugMug no later than June 27th.


Don't have a dog? We've got you covered, just Right Click & Save As any of the images below to post to your own social media pages using #Pups4ThePeople or #SaveTheVoteForMe to take part in this #DeadlineForDemocracy campaign!