Democracy Can't Wait

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COIN is calling on all Indivisible groups across Oregon to find a way to participate in next Tuesday’s “Democracy Can’t Wait” national event. Some groups are planning rallies on the curb. Others are going to hold signs on an overpass. But, as Ezra suggested, think creative! (How about a flotilla of “vote boats?” Or a For The People parade of decorated cars? Or a S.1 letter writing party over coffee or wine?) Here’s a toolkit to get some ideas flowing.

No matter what you do, make sure you register your event by going to this website so the coalition will have a good total. Then invite 10 friends, and have them invite 10 friends! You can also find events near you on this site to attend, even if you’re miles away.

For example, Oregon’s Democratic Party Black Caucus will hold its virtual rally for voting rights at noon.

Once you and your friends have gathered on Tuesday, take lots of photos and some short videos and upload them to COIN’s social media team here. (If you need help or some support, our Social Media Team will host a how-to session at 5 p.m. that day so everything will be ready for the COIN virtual rally at 7 p.m. To attend the 5pm meeting, click here.) Also be sure to post before, during and after the event on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. Use the hashtags: #DemocracyCantWait and #RecessCanWait

Then, at 7 p.m., join us for a COIN Virtual Rally as we swap stories, share videos and watch events that are going on live across the state. You can register for the Virtual Rally here or on Facebook. Please share the link in your newsletters, discussion groups, on social media and by contacting all your Indivisible friends!

Letter To OrLeg

Email us when you've confirmed your representative has signed so we can update the list!

Oregon Democratic Legislators
Host Support Call for Democracy Can't Wait

Slide presentation from Declaration for American Democracy

Invite Your Representative To Your Event ->

State Legislator Invite Template & Tips

Direct link to send your representatives to form to sign onto letter.

Virtual Zoom Backgrounds

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UPLOAD LINK <- click

Please feel free to distribute this QRC upload link for rally attendees to submit pics & videos for our virtual event & social media campaign around #DemocracyCantWait

You can also click on the QRC to be taken to the upload link directly. (Right click to "Save As" to print & share the QRC)