Social Media

Whether we love Facebook or hate it, whether we know how to Tweet and Re-Tweet or not, there's no denying how influential social media is in our modern politics. Like writing postcards to voters, knocking on doors, or sending donations, working with social media is an important part of every campaign. We encourage Indivisibles throughout Oregon to visit our social media platforms to follow, like, share, comment, and re-tweet to amplify COIN's messaging to help support our endorsed candidates and ballot measures in the coming election. This is something we can all do to make a difference in just a few minutes per day at no cost!

NEW! Check out Speechifai, a terrific tool from Indivisible to help us generate the best messages on social media, going into the election this November. It works on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and What's App, to help you create great posts.

Other Media

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (LTEs) are another free and powerful tool to help get our message out there. Here's a list of links for all (that we know of) Oregon Newspapers to which you can submit LTEs.

For some great talking points for LTEs supporting Tina Kotek for Governor, be sure to visit our Gubernatorial Race web page. Here you'll find an excellent side-by-side comparison of Tina Kotek and Betsy Johnson and see why COIN is endorsing Tina for Oregon.