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COIN is made up of Indivisible groups from across Oregon that collaborate to protect democracy and implement progressive values through voter outreach and education, campaigns and elections, holding elected leaders accountable, and advocating for legislation that best reflects our values.

COIN - The Consolidated Oregon Indivisible Network

We are part of Indivisible, a nationwide movement of thousands of volunteer-led local groups that engage in progressive advocacy and electoral work at the local, state, and national level.  

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COIN's 2024 Priorities and Strategies

Many thanks to those of you who completed the COIN Survey about priorities for 2024. Needless to say, it looks like we are mostly all on the same page with what we need to devote our time and energy to in this most critical of election years.  Here's what you told us, and what we aim to focus on through Election Day - November 5, 2024. 

Priority #1 - Take Back the House!  

We plan to help take back the House by taking back Oregon's District 5 and making Lori Chavez-DeRemer a one-term representative. We also need to support Val Hoyle in District 4 and Andrea Salinas in District 6 to ensure they win re-election.  Here are a couple actions you can take now to help us achieve this goal...

Priority #2 - Re-elect Joe and Kamala! 

Make sure that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are re-elected. The alternative is just too terrible to even think about. So, we're planning to "adopt" a swing state where the race will be a lot closer and put our energy into helping Joe and Kamala win there, since we can count on them winning here in Oregon. And the swing state we've chosen is......  ARIZONA! Stay tuned for details! 

Priority #3 - Maintain a majority in the Senate!

Oregon doesn't have a senate race this year, but there are states not too far away that need our help. The state we "adopted" to help Joe and Kamala win for Goal #2 above, ARIZONA, also has a critical senate race, so we plan to double up our efforts there and help maintain or even expand Democrats' majority in the Senate. Details will be announced soon.

Meet the Oregon District 5 Democratic Candidates! 

Whether you live in District 5 or not, taking back CD-5 will be one of our top priorities in 2024.  COIN does not plan to endorse any candidate before the primary, but we do plan to support them all by publicizing their events so those who live in the district can make the best choice in nominating one of them to run against and defeat MAGA Republican Lori Chavez-DeRemer.  If you can, please donate to or volunteer for one of their campaigns. 

Janelle Bynum

"I’m running for Congress because Washington as we know it is broken. As a mom, small business owner, engineer, and legislator, I’ve seen Republican extremists hold our government hostage and prevent Oregon families from the ability to grow and thrive. 

In Congress, I will fight for good jobs close to home, access to health care, clean air and water, and affordable housing, just like I’ve done throughout my time in public service. My focus has always been paying opportunity forward so Oregon is a better place for our children and future generations to live, work, and raise their families."

Jamie McLeod-Skinner

"Oregon’s 5th district is diverse, with both urban and rural areas. I have experiences with bridging the divide between the two and nobody knows the district better than I do. I’ve traveled throughout OR-5 and have learned about the issues folks are facing on the ground. I’m focused on the needs of OR’s working families, not on fueling culture wars or in widening the existing political divide. I have a track record of success in purple regions like OR-5 and in addressing the region’s most pressing issues, like affordable housing, emergency preparedness, water resource protection, and climate solutions."  

Congressional District 4 and 6 Representatives

Taking back the House is a top priority for COIN in 2024, and that means not only winning back CD-5 but also holding our other Democratic seats in Congress. Both District 4 and District 6 will likely be close again in 2024, so let's support our incumbents in both of those races!  

OR-4 Rep. Val Hoyle 

Rep Hoyle has been busy this past year in Congress working for Oregonians on a variety of fronts, including improving statewide wildfire response, pushing for federal disaster relief after this past winter's severe ice storms, and securing $2 million in federal funds for Curry County's Chemotherapy Project


OR-6 Rep. Andrea Salinas 

Thanks to Andrea Salinas for joining us Feb 20 to discuss her first term as our CD-6 representative and what we can do to help send her back next year. You can view a recording of that COINversation HERE


UPDATE on Empty Chair Town Halls

Hats off to Clackamas, Bend, and Albany area Indivisible groups! 

After multiple requests for an in-person, unscripted Town Hall with Congresswoman Lori Chavez-DeRemer, constituents grew frustrated with her refusals and held THREE of their own!  The chair that should have been occupied by Chavez-DeRemer was, instead, occupied by a cardboard cutout of her while constituents asked questions and Indivisible leaders answered them based on public statements of votes that our Unrepresentative has made.  Read more about them, and see some photos and videos HERE.  

We Care Fund-A-Thon with 

Northwest Abortion Access Fund

In the latest assault on reproductive freedom, a Trump-appointed judge has issued a ruling withdrawing FDA approval of mifepristone, one of two drugs used in abortions. FDA approved the abortion pill 23 years ago, and it has proven over and over to be a safe and effective drug for early abortion and care during miscarriages. 

The judge's unprecedented ruling may jeopardize access to the abortion pill across the country including in Oregon. Join the fight to protect reproductive freedom and access to safe reproductive health care services! 

Join the COIN We Care Team's 2023 Fund-A-Thon with Northwest Abortion Access Fund by donating to provide access to abortion and other reproductive health care services. 

Together we can fight for reproductive freedom for everyone! Here are some ideas:

For more information and how you can donate, check out COIN We Care's fundraising page.

COIN Groups Take Action in their Communities

We Care
Thank you health care workers!

Indivisible activists know the work that starts in our homes and communities is just as important as the work that goes on inside the government. Whether we're gathering in homes or by zoom, organizing rallies, sign waving from bridges, phone banking, post carding, meeting with elected leaders, working on legislation, or even running for office,  our members put in the time because democracy matters.

"This is about the fight for the soul of our democracy." Elijah Cummings

Kudos to Indivisible North Curry County on the success of their Women's March in January. For a small town, they have an active group and a very visible location for their rallies. Bret Cecil reported that the group marched a mile along Oregon Coast Highway 101 and was met with much support in the form of honks and waves from cars driving by. 

If you have a photo of your group's event, send it to us for the website at coinleadership@gmail.com.

WOW! What a Weekend!

Voting is Our Superpower Rally Slide Show

Click above to enlarge and view a slide show from the Voting is Our Superpower Rally. 

COIN's Voting is Our Superpower rally and COINvention was pretty awesome!  

Indivisible Co-Founder, Leah Greenberg and SIX of our COIN-endorsed candidates were there to emphasize how critical it is for us to turn out voters in this election to protect the freedoms we all value, freedoms under threat by an extremist GOP.

Click here to view the video of all our rally speakers!